Event Logistics

Time bound event logistics handled punctually, faultlessly and professionally

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Event Logistics

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Event Logistics


Handling events requires tremendous planning & pro-activeness as time plays a major factor. This is where we inherit years of local & international expertise on handling critical customs & Ministry paperwork, transportation, freight, on site requirements and provide tailor made solutions. Some of major types of events handled by our team in the past include Oil & Gas exhibitions, Motor shows, live concerts, corporate events, etc.
Event logistics is always timebound, and thus, calls for meticulous planning, faultless transportation, perfect warehousing and error-free customs clearance. With decades of experience in critical areas of freight forwarding, transportation, essential paperwork and on-site requirement management, we confidently work in close collaboration with large event organizers, trade associations, exhibitors and more to offer 100% hassle-free, customizable and cost-effective event logistics solutions. Live Concerts, Sports Events, Corporate Events, Oil & Gas Exhibitions and Motor Shows are some of the many event categories we have shouldered with success in the past.

Our Wide-Ranging Services

Pre-event Planning and Consultatione

A well-planned event is the foundation of success. From the outset, our committed team collaborates with you to form a logistics strategy.

Transportation and Shipping

If you need to transport exhibits, marketing items, or gear, our logistics pros can handle it. We have many ways to move stuff, like freight shipping by sea.

On-site Logistics Help

On the event day, when everything comes together, we will be there with you. We handle all the small stuff in our on-site tradeshow logistics to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Services After the Event

Our work doesn't stop after the event. We offer services afterwards to finish things off and return everything to its place.

Warehousing and Storage

Do you need a safe place to keep your materials before or after an event in the QATAR, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, or Kuwait? Carson Logistics provides top-notch warehousing and storage services.

Why Choose Us?

We possess extensive knowledge in handling event and exhibition logistics across the Gulf nations. We design our event logistic management services to fit your exact needs, delivering just what you want. We understand these events come from hard work and careful planning over months. We aim to simplify your logistical issues, allowing you to concentrate on making your event successful and memorable.

We are your dependable ally in event logistic management. Carson Logistics aids in moving materials for events like trade show booths, exhibits, and different equipment.

Carson Logistics runs a large global network, which helps us offer smooth international tradeshow logistics solutions. No matter if your event is nearby or across the world, we possess the resources to execute it.

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end to end solutions

End to end


We cover all your event logistics requirements from beginning to end.

Domestic & International Events

Domestic &

International Events

Be it professional expertise, manpower or equipment, we are 100% equipped to handle all types of domestic and international event logistics requirements.

Customised Solutions



We customize our event logistics solutions to suit your timeline, budget and other urgencies with excellence.


We help with everything needed for events, from transportation, shipping, customs paperwork, storage, to on-site management. We customize our services for each event showing our expertise in event logistics.

Yes, we aim to provide easy and affordable logistics solutions. We make sure you get the best value for your money. Our aim is to provide the best services without lowering quality.

We carefully plan each step, from transportation and shipping to customs and setup. Our local and international experience helps us predict and prevent delays.